" La Grâce d'Alphaël - 100% chardonnay"

GRAND CRU BLANC DE BLANCS « The classic Chardonnay »

It has a beautiful colour with youthful tinges.

Fine and airy bubbles. The ring of bubbles is well furnished.
The nose is spirited which offers a palette of youthful aromas: from fresh apricot to fresh pineapple and tangerine-like citrus fruit.

At first it appears surprising because it is very structured with regard to the olfactory impression.
Synonym of maturity, these aromas allow the most daring associations.

When tasting:

During the meal, we would see this wine in sweet and savoury harmony. Why not consider an Orloff veal roast topped with a lightly honeyed sauce and served with hot citrus fruits. As an aperitif, more likely in the summer, this wine will still go well with lightly jammed toast (“foie gras” and quince for example)