Family Estate

Meeting with the two wine growers

Philippe is the third generation of growers in his family. His parents, dedicated to their wine growing, handed down to him an exceptional estate classified Grand Cru. After going to school in the “Lycee d’Avize” he obtained a Diploma in agriculture, wine-growing and oenology.

Véronique is also the heir of a precious family estate. Twelve generations of growers preceded her, and have spent all their lives in the village of Monthelon. Bred in day to day work at the family estate, she had never thought of marrying a grower, not ever… She obtained her business diploma while managing a few hectares that came from the long family tradition line.

In 1993, Philippe and Véronique met and joined forces to create new tracks for themselves. They had the will to manage the great estate that they inherited and to create their own wine… In 1995, in Cramant the Champagne Philippe GLAVIER was born.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the estate. Please make an appointment before coming, just to be sure that we are present at the estate.

Philippe & Véronique Glavier.

Champagne Philippe Glavier à Cramant